There will be cash prize of £50 for the best sketch, best painting, best digital art, best story, best poem and best themed piece in each of three age categories.


   There will be five runner ups In both the Art and Writing Contests selected from across the categories and age groups who will receive a choice of the following prizes:-


   Donated by the Galaxy Centre, Luton:-

  • Meal at The Whitehouse for two,
  • Meal at Nando’s for two,
  • 2 x Cinema Tickets,
  • A game of ten pin bowling,
  • The Gym day pass.

Donated by Dr Shaun Wallace (The Dark Destroyer from ITV’s The Chase)

  • A signed copy of  “Chasing The Dream”  –

Donated by Local Artist & Competition Judge Sapphira Olsen:-

  • A signed copy of “Parables”
  • A signed copy of “Stanley Park” together with signed art poster for “Stanley Park”
  • A signed copy of “The Girl In The Garden” together with signed art poster for “The Girl In The Garden”

Donated by Local Artist & Competition Judge Myrna Loy:-

  • A painting from her exceptional work

Donated by Local Artist & Competition Host Naz Knight:-

  • A signed copy of “Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears”
  • A signed copy of “Nine Faces of Naz”
  • A signed copy of “Poetry E.motion (Collateral Beauty Collection)”


In addition, we aim to select at least 20 stories and 20 poems for publication by NINE RED Presents…  (CIC) in an anthology that will include all winning pieces from the GAP Contests and will be available in paperback.  A copy will be given to all winners and individuals with selected entries included in the anthology.